Aurora App Store Download For Android Officially | Latest Version

Aurora App Store is an Android Store just contains all the features that should be contained in any other play store. Here are also all applications required for a device. The main purpose of this is to allow users to install applications. Apart from that users can find details about the app in the description. Search for the ratings and reviews if you want to know the ideas of a certain app by users. The aurora store is working as an app manager for your device. You can see all the installed apps from one place. Even the list of all apps that are having updates is also visible here. From that place a user can update all the apps at once and if he wants to update only limited apps, which is also possible here.

aurora app store

Features of Aurora App Store

  • It is an unofficial store. A perfect alternative for Google Play.
  • Aurora App Store is an app as well as an app manager.
  • It is free to use. So users don’t want to pay for using these apps.
  • It is ad-free software. Therefore users are capable of using this app store without any disturbance.
  • Users can uninstall the unwanted apps through the Aurora App store.
  • Search for the app description and reviews to check whether the app is beneficial for you or not.
  • Simply tap on the “update” tab to check the available updates.
  • The store will suggest suitable apps for you based on your interest and previously downloaded applications.

Here are some of the features available in the Aurora app store. You can discover more features by simply getting this app on your device. This store is supporting many devices. I’m sure that your device is also supporting the precious Aurora App store.

What is an App Store?

Simply it is a place where all the applications required for a device are contained. Even there the applications are properly organized according to their genres such as social media apps, gaming apps, communication apps, and the other utility apps required for your devices. Some examples of these app stores are the google play store and the Aurora App store. Certainly, most of you are familiar with the google play store because there are many users who have accumulated over the google play store. But the Aurora store is similar to the google play store.


Q: Do we need a Google account to sign in?

A: Actually, no. Users don’t need a Google account for signing in. because you will get two options to sign in. one option is to sign in with a google account and the other option is to sign- in with an anonymous account.

Q: Is this safe to use?

A: Yes, it is. This is 100% safe for usage. It won’t harm your device. Also, there isn’t any kind of data-stealing taking place with this app.

Q: How to install and uninstall apps by using the Aurora App store?

A: First enter the app. Then you will see all the apps contained here. Just click on “install” to get the app. In the same way, you can uninstall the app by using it the same way.

The aurora App store is a valuable store for all of us. Anyone can substitute this one instead of another app store. It can use freely anytime and anywhere. Start using it today onwards and check if it is useful.

Aurora Store