Common Garden Problems That Every Gardener Face

A pleasant garden always heals our soul. We love to have a garden with blooming flowers, plants full of fruits and vegetables, birds singing, and flying here and there. All of us are not blessed to have such a garden. We face a countless number of problems when maintaining the garden. Many people tend to give up their hobby of gardening due to the problems. We shall discuss the common problems that arise in the garden and what we can do for them.

The garden gets less sunlight

Sunlight is an essential factor for plants. So your garden needs to get sunlight. Some people complain that they have too much shade for the garden. It depends on the landscape. Shade gardens also can fill with lush green plants. Some plants prefer a small amount of sunlight. Those are the ideal plants for a shady garden. You can easily get an idea about the plants suitable for shade gardens by visiting a botanical garden or a park. 


A garden that does not have weeds is a miracle. It is such a common problem prevail in a garden. Weeds emerge after the rainy season. You can pull them by roots. Make sure that you throw weeds far away from the garden. You can burn them.

People have used to spray weedicides to get rid of them. I don’t see it as a good solution as crops can damage due to chemicals. There are many natural ways to kill weeds. You can cover the planting area with mulch. It will avoid weeds coming out by blocking sunlight from getting into the weed. You can kill weed using table salt. Add a pinch of salt to the root. Weeds will destroy within few days.

Too much water

Too much anything is good for nothing. This is relevant to gardening also. You need to be very careful when watering the plants. Some plants don’t prefer much water. Adding too much water can destroy them. Heavy rains are also bad for the garden. Excess water causes the removal of Nitrogen from the soil. It can cause yellowing of plants and starved for nutrients. 

A proper drainage system can avoid too much water in your garden. Try to avoid over-watering plants.


We love to see birds in the garden. Their sounds and colors beautify the environment. But do you believe that they are a common problem for gardens? Birds eat seeds we plant. They destroy the crops too. A bird cover net is the best solution to escape from this problem. Keep in mind that you can’t maintain a pleasant garden without birds too.


garden insect

Bees are insects that are essential for a garden. What about a dragonfly? I know your answer. Some insects ruin our crops. They destroy our plants by sucking the juice from leaves and fruits, eating leaves, and destroying buds. 

You can keep away insects from your crops by following some small tips. There are some flowering plants that repel insects. Just grow one or two plants in your garden. Insects can’t suck the juice from fruits when you cover them with polythene. I don’t recommend using pesticides to destroy insects as it is not good for our health.

Animals eat everything

We love to have small creatures like earthworms in the garden. They enrich our soil and help our plants. But some animals are real enemies of gardeners. Just like birds, animals like rabbits, snails, rats, and porcupine destroy whatever we grow. 

A fence is a good remedy to keep away rats and porcupines from your garden. You can make a barrier around the garden with onions, garlic, and marigolds. If you need to provide special protection for valuable plants, then use individual barriers.

The plant dies after turning a brown color

Have you noticed that plants die after turning into brown color? It is a common garden problem. Sometimes leaves and stems of plants get brown spots due to plant viruses. Even without any external symptoms, plants can die due to viruses. You can get rid of plant viruses by destroying all unwanted weeds and insects from the garden.

Plants turn to brown color due to fertilizer. They can cause chemical burns inside the plant. You need to read the instruction given in the fertilizer bag carefully prior to using them. Synthetic or inorganic fertilizer damages plants more than organic ones. So try to use organic fertilizer like compost for the plants. 

Problems in seeds

We eagerly await until the seeds sprout. Do all of them give us plants? Some seeds show reluctance to sprout. Make sure that you are planting seeds at the best time. Climate also affects the germination of seeds. They are not compatible with dry soil and wet soil.  The wet soil tends to rot the seeds. Always use healthy soil to plant seeds. 

You need to select quality seeds. If you are buying seeds from the market, then check the expiration date. Don’t use seeds that are older for more than two years to get plants.

Plants are expensive

Many gardeners complain about the price of plants. You don’t get discounts for them all around the year. You must avoid buying seeds in some seasons. We see the beauty of our surroundings during spring. So many people tend to grow the plant in this season. The abundance of plants is also very high in spring. You won’t find many discounts at this time. The best times to buy plants are early summer and early fall. 

Sowing seeds is cheaper than buying plants. They will give more seeds in the next years too.

 To Sum Up

Gardening is an exciting hobby. It offers you exercise as well as pleasure. A vegetable, fruit, or flower plucked from the garden can gift our satisfaction. However, there are some common problems related to gardening. Sometimes you may have undergone a few of them. Don’t give up your effort after facing problems. Your true commitment will offer the best solutions to overcome gardening problems.

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