Learn How To Grow Orchids At Your Home Step By Step

Orchids are a common plant that you see in jungles. They hang on trees while the root system grasps the tree bark. The beautiful orchid flowers force us to plant them in gardens. They grow anywhere except in Antarctica. Though people love orchid flowers, they show a reluctance to grow them. They think orchid is impossible to grow without a real commitment. You indeed need to pay much care when planting orchids. Few pots of orchids will add scenic beauty to your garden. Lots of orchid varieties are available with different colors and shapes. Let’s check out the way to grow orchids at home.

grow orchids at home

How to identify healthy orchid roots?

Roots are the most important parts of a tree. It is relevant to orchids too. The orchid roots that grasp tree bark do not get any nutrition from the tree. It only gets the support needed for the growth. The roots of orchids need to be healthy to get a good plant. When you are purchasing a plant from the market, there is a small test to perform. You can simply grab the plant from your thumb and forefinger and give it a tweak. If you feel loose in the pot, then the root system is not good. Healthy orchid roots are more complex. 

How to select the orchid pots?

Orchids are wild plants. We are the ones who adopt them to pots. Roots decide the health of an orchid plant. Most people think that leaves indicate the health of orchids. But it is not valid. The pot must offer the necessary space needed for the roots. It is better to select a clear pot that shows the roots well. There are clear plastic pots in the market. When the plant is in a transparent pot, you can easily know the time to water it. Even the plastic pots are easy to clean.  A small pot is suitable for an orchid plant as roots will fit in finely. 

How to water orchid plants?

You need to be careful when watering orchids. More water can damage your beautiful plant. The pot must be filled with chips of bark, tree-fern, stones, or any other porous material. So the medium will drain water without retaining it. You need to water the orchid plant once a week. Remember to dry the medium slightly before adding water again. Orchids can withstand for several days without water. However, excess water is a threat to the plant. 

What is orchid fertilizer?

You can’t use a fertilizer that is used to roses or other flowering plants for orchids. That regular fertilizer contains urea which is not compatible with orchids. It has specially formulated fertilizer. You can buy it from the market. A small amount of fertilizer once a week will be enough for an orchid plant. Make a regular plan to add fertilizer to the orchid pots.

Where to keep the orchid pots?

Green leaves and pretty blooms make a joyful home. Orchids are the ideal plant for a home. We have used to keep orchid pots in the living room. I have kept all my beautiful orchid pots in the living room. It adds elegance to my entire home. I love to hear how my visitors enjoy the beauty of orchids. Have you ever tried to keep orchids in a different place? You can place it anywhere, but you need to care about the lighting, temperature, and humidity. 

You can keep an orchid plant in the kitchen. It relaxes your mind and at the same time beautifies your kitchen area. Remember to keep the pot of orchids in a place where it gets an adequate amount of light. Temperature is another factor that affects an orchid pot placed in the kitchen. The heat from the burners or the cold environment created by the refrigerator is not friendly to the plant. You need to be careful when using chemicals to clean the kitchen. Avoid contacting them with the plant. 

I don’t recommend keeping a pot of orchid in your bedroom as it can affect your health too. If your bedroom is small, then the orchid plant is not good to keep inside at night. Lighting is another problem that you face when keeping an orchid plant in the room. Most of them do not get an adequate amount of light during the day. Normally, we don’t open the windows of the bedroom during the day. So the orchid plant won’t get the necessary amount of humidity. Excess heat and cold also bad for the orchid. The plant can dehydrate and rot due to an unnecessary heat supply. An orchid plant does not fit your bedroom. 

No place at your home will perfectly match an orchid plant as it is used to grow in the natural environment. But you can implement certain measures to make your home suitable for them. You can adjust the lighting either by opening windows or closing them. A grow light is also an excellent solution for orchids. A spray bottle will help you to mist the room to adjust humidity. Once you find the perfect location for an orchid plant, you can add more plants to make the place more attractive. 

To Sum Up

You can grow orchids either indoors or outdoors. The plant needs much care when compared to other flowering plants. A well-cared orchid plant gives continuous bloom every day throughout the year. Water, lighting, temperature, and humidity are the main factors affecting the growth of an orchid plant. You need to handle these factors with much care. It is enough to water our plant once a week. More or less water can ruin your orchid plant. I always recommend positioning orchid plants facing east or west window. So it will get an adequate amount of lighting. You need to purchase a fertilizer specially designed for orchids from the market. Then feed your plant weekly. Some orchids stop blooming after several months to inform you that they need a fresh orchid mix. You can repot the plant to get back flowers.

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