How To Grow Vegetables In Containers As A Beginner

The vegetables that come from the market contain lots of chemicals. They have covered with insecticides, pesticides, and weedicides. Actually, those vegetables come as a package of harmful chemicals to our health. Growing vegetables is a cool idea and also a great leisure activity. It helps us to get fresh vegetables while saving money. We used to make excuses to avoid growing vegetables by emphasizing the lack of space in our home garden. A small container that we throw away after a single use is enough to grow a vegetable plant. You can easily do vegetable container gardening with minimum resources. This article will solve all your doubts related to vegetable container gardening.

vegetable container gardening

Why do you need to focus on vegetable container gardening as a beginner?

There are many advantages of vegetable container gardening. If you are a beginner at home gardening, then it will give you a great kickstart. Let’s check out the reasons to select vegetable container gardening.

Need a limited space

We don’t have big plots of land to grow acres of vegetables. Space is a major problem that comes to our mind when thinking about growing plants. The place you are living is not a problem for vegetable container gardening. You may be living in a storied building, flat, or a city-dwelling, gardening is still possible. At the very beginning, you won’t be able to get tons of harvest through vegetable container gardening in a limited space. You will able to harvest for family use. Vegetable container gardening requires very limited space. Even your balcony is enough for this. 

Easy to maintain

A vegetable container is easy to understand. When it comes to large-scale gardening, the tendency of disease spreading is high. But diseases are easy to control in vegetable container gardening. You need to focus on a smaller area here instead of caring for hundreds of plants. Remember to treat the plants showing insect damages or signs of diseases whenever you notice them. 

You can control the essential factors like water, light, and fertilizer in vegetable container gardening. 

Easy to carry

Some people complain that they are changing homes once a year so they can’t grow anything. Vegetable container gardening is the ideal solution for them. Anyone can carry containers when you are changing the house. 

Get healthy vegetables

You can get fresh vegetables from vegetable container gardening. You don’t need to fear the healthiness of vegetables as they are your own products. The use of organic materials for vegetable container gardens will promote the freshness and health of vegetables. 

Vegetables to plant in containers

You can plant whatever you like in containers. I recommend beginning planting with your favorite vegetable. So you wait eagerly to harvest it. It is better to check the needs of a particular vegetable before making a container. Most of the vegetables ask for full sun and well-drained soil. You can plant beans, spinach, radishes, carrots, tomato, broccoli, green onion, parsley, cucumber, and corn in containers. 

Things to consider in vegetable container gardening

Selecting the right size container

The container must be compatible with what you grow. You can select a container having 18 inches in height and 18 – 20 inches in width to plant vegetables. The size of the container will vary with the vegetable you plant. A hole or few holes in the container is essential to drain away excess water. 

You can plant compatible vegetable plants in a single container. Remember to check the size of the container before introducing multiple vegetables. 

Soil filling

The vegetable plants grab nutrition from the soil during their first weeks. So you need to be careful when making the soil filling for vegetable plants. Try to use organic fertilizer like compost when making the soil mixture. You need to put gravel in the bottom of the container to ensure drainage. 

It is better to use a soil cover in the filled pot to avoid drying out. You can use leaf molds, straw, or compost with mulching. 

Watering the plants

Plants need water to survive, just like us. Your vegetable container will show certain signs when they need water.  The potting mix in containers becomes dry quickly. The gardening containers tend to more than the ground. So you need to maintain a regular schedule to water them.

You can make a self-watering container too. A reservoir beneath the vegetable container can provide water to the plant. Your vegetable plants require more water during hot seasons like summer. A drip irrigation system is also suitable for a vegetable container garden. It automatically provides water to the plants. 

Adding fertilizer

The vegetable container plants can’t absorb nutrients from the soil, just like the plants grow on the grounds. So you need to supply fertilizer regularly to fill the nutritional needs. Try to use organic fertilizer as they provide a slow and continuous supply of nutrients to the vegetable plant. Liquid fertilizer is also a good choice for vegetable container gardening. 

Light and ventilation

You must keep the vegetable containers in a place well exposing to sunlight. It is easy to relocate the plant to get an adequate amount of sunlight in vegetable container gardening. Ventilation is also essential for the growth of a plant. So try to keep it in mind too. 

The way to harvest vegetables

All hardships taken for planting and maintaining the plant get value during harvesting. It is the most satisfying stage of growing. You can pick the crops as soon as they show signs of maturity. It is better to use scissors, knives, or pruners to reap the harvest as the plant can damage your hands. 

To Sum Up

Anyone can do vegetable container gardening. It is easy to do as well as requires limited space. You can grow all most all the vegetable varieties in containers. There are a few points you need to consider in this case. The size of the container, watering method, fertilizer, light, and ventilation are some of them. If you are a beginner at gardening, vegetable gardening will give you many experiences and good results.

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