Learn How to Grow Roses At Your Home Garden Step By Step

Roses are the queen of the flower kingdom. A bunch of roses takes the message of love and caring. You can grow rose plants in your garden. Gardeners don’t have a good attitude in growing this plant. They think it needs high maintenance and is difficult to grow.  But the rose plant is not difficult to maintain. It does not need much space. If you don’t have a garden then simply use a pot to plant a rose.

how to grow roses

What is the right rose for your garden?

There are different species of roses. Some plants grow only in specific landscapes. You need to consider the growing conditions and specifications of the rose plant before selecting the plant. 

You need to maintain proper conditions when planting roses. It requires direct sunlight and organic soil. Rose plant prefers at least 6 hours of exposure to the sunlight.  Less light causes several disadvantages to the plants. Plants getting inadequate sunlight will show reluctance to bloom and more tendency to undergo pest attacks. If your garden is full of shade, then you need to choose a rose that prefers shade. 

Many gardeners love to grow shrub roses as it needs low maintenance, and easy to use. The shrub rose plant is resistant to many diseases. 

Different species of roses

You may have noticed different types of roses. But have you ever think about them? Let’s check out different types of roses.

Shrub roses

Shrub roses are available everywhere. You can find it online and also in flower nurseries. Shrub roses are the easiest variety to plant. It has good resistance to diseases. You don’t need to pay much care about the plant as it is easy to maintain. 

Knock out roses

Many people love knock-out roses. It is one of the best-selling rose varieties. There are many color variations in knock-out roses. They have long bloom times. Your knout rose plant will give flowers that bloom all summer and last for fall. A knock-out rose plant needs much care. 

Easy elegance series

Easy elegance roses have an attractive fragrance. If you have a busy life schedule and love to grow roses, then a plant from the easy elegance series is suitable for you. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and diseases.  Remember to locate the rose plant in a sunny spot in the garden. 

Drift Roses

Drift roses are a variety of shrub roses. It gives tiny flowers. The drift rose plant is thick and wide. So it can be used as a ground cover. You can introduce it to a flowerbed of herbs and perennials. 

What is the best time to plant rose?

We tend to plant shrubs and other perennials in the fall. But the best time to grow roses in spring. You can plant rose at the beginning of spring.,

How to plant roses?

You can purchase either bare-root roses or container roses. It is better to select a rose plant with a bare-root system. It is inexpensive as well as easy to buy. There are several bare-root systems of rose plants. You need to soak the bare-root rose plant overnight in water before planting. Remember to keep the moisture of the plant for months after planting it. 

The container-grown roses are the other variables that you can plant at home. They are easier to plant. The container-grown roses are suitable for beginner gardeners. Season or time is not a problem when planting container-grown roses. So you can plant it in summer, spring or fall. But try to avoid planting them in extreme heat as the plant won’t able to perform well. 

Make a hole that is twice the width of the rose pot. Then take the rose plant away from the container. You need to be careful about the root system. It is better if you can spread the roots that are grown in a circle around the root ball. Now, place the roots in the hole and fill it with soil. You need to water the plant after planting it. 

You must water the rose plant regularly after planting them in the garden. Try to maintain a watering schedule for at least 3 weeks. You can cover the soil around the plant to retain moisture and avoid weeds. 

The way of the fertilizing rose plant

Fertilizer is an essential factor for the growth of a rose plant. Regularly add fertilizer to get beautiful flowers. I recommend the use of organic fertilizers like compost. It will give a steady and slow supply of nutrients to the plant. If you are using a commercial fertilizer, purchase one with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients will ensure the growth of the plant and the blooming of plants. 

Don’t use full-strength fertilizer just after planting the plant. You can apply it after the first bloom. 

Prune the rose plant

Pruning will give you a more pleasant and professional-looking rose plant. But you need to remember that over-pruning can ruin the plant as well. It is better to collect bypass pruners and pair of rose pruning gloves before starting the task. I recommend you do major pruning in early spring and lightly prune the plant in all seasons. You need to remove damaged canes from the plant to help its growth. 

Some rose plants ask for deadheading. It is essential as the plant will show reluctance to rebloom without deadheading. Self-cleaning rose plants do not need it. They will bloom and drop off automatically and produce more flowers throughout the season. 

To Sum Up

Rose plant adds color to your garden or the home. You need to learn the proper way of planting and maintaining it. There are some rose plant varieties that require minimal care. You can try one of them too. You need to locate the plant that gets an adequate amount of sunlight. Remember to water the plant daily. You need to feed rose plants with organic fertilizers regularly. Beautiful roses will bloom throughout the season as gratitude for the care you are giving to the plant.

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