What Are Air Plants And How To Grow Them At Home

Do you need to decorate your house with plants without giving much care to them? Then air plants are the ideal choice. They don’t need soil. As the name suggests, air plants grow in the air. So you can easily maintain it. If you are searching for answers on how to grow air plants, then go through this article.

air plants

What is an air plant?

You may have seen air plants in many groceries and shopping malls where they are used for decoration purposes. These plants grow in tree branches naturally. Air plants have the shape of a strap-shaped or slender triangle shape. The new growths are coming from the center of the plant. You will find hundreds of varieties in air plants. Air plants having silver foliage can withstand the drought, while greener plants tend to dry out fast. Other than these two colors, Tillandsia maxima is a colorful air plant. 

How to water air plants?

Normally a plant has a well-spread root system. But this is different in air plants. They have only a few small roots that help the plant to stand out in the habitat. Air plants don’t ask for water very frequently. So you can water it once a week. Some air plant varieties need water once every two weeks. Don’t overwater the plant. When it comes to air plants like Tillandsia, it needs to submerge in water once every two weeks. It absorbs moisture from leaves. 

I will tell you the way how I water air plants. First, I clean the kitchen sink and make sure it does not contain any oil or chemical. Then I round up all Tillandsia plants and bring them to the kitchen. I put all of them into the sink and turn on the water. You need to be careful when handling the plants as the ends of leaves can damage very quickly. Let the plants stay in water for about 10 minutes. After that, take the plants out of water. I shake out the excess water from the plant. If you are following this method removing excess water is very important. Don’t let the air plants stay in water for a long time as it will cause damages. I place the plants on a towel after getting them out of water. It helps to absorb moisture and let them dry quickly. You can place the plants close to a window to dry. Finally, I put my air plants in their initial habitat. 

Is Misting Good for Air Plants?

People used to mist the air plants as it is an easy task. Some air plants don’t prefer it. They tend to turn brown at the tip. If you notice such a change, then stop misting the plant. I don’t recommend misting air plants as it can cause many other problems. Misting does not ensure an even and complete coverage for the plant. Water sprinkled while misting can damage paper, wood, metal, or any other ornaments near the plant. 

How to fertilize air plants?

Air plants are not much addicted to getting fertilizer. When the plants are in the natural environment, they collect water from the rain and nutrients from the forest canopy. Most of the air plants you grow in the house do not need fertilizer. If you are a lazy person, then air plants are suitable to beautify your place. An excess amount of fertilizer can ruin the plant. Air plant fertilizer contains Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium. Nitrogen helps the growth of a plant and makes it green. Phosphorus forms the root system of air plants and responsible for flowering. Plant cellular function and regulation are made by potassium.

Make sure that the fertilizer you are using for the air plants does not contain urea. 

What is the relevant temperature and humidity for air plants?

The air plants prefer daytime temperature. You need to be careful about the humidity of the surrounding. Keep the air plant away from cookers and burners. The surrounding of the air plant is important when placing them inside the home. You can keep the air plant on the balcony. But remember not to expose them to sun extremes. 

Where do you keep the air plants?

Lighting is one of the significant factors to consider when locating air plants. They need good lighting. So you need to keep the plant near to a window. If you can’t keep it in a place to get natural light, try to provide a spectrum of artificial light. 

Do my air plants bloom?

Many plant lovers ask the question of whether the air plants give flowers. The simple answer is yes. Your plant produces flowers one time during its lifetime. Flowers have a variety of colors, including red, purple, and pink. The blooming period can last for several days to months. The flowers can come out during mid-winter and mid-summer. 

A flower comes out of the plant during the peak of the plant’s life cycle. It marks the beginning of old age. A flower in air plants doesn’t bring a piece of good news for you. After bloom, the plant dies eventually. The pups come out from the plant after or before flowering. 

What to do with pups?

Pups or offshoots come out of the air plant around the blooming time of it. Normally, air plants give out 2-8 pups. They have a distinct and separate center that is distinguished from other leaves. You can take out the pup when it grows one-third the size of the parent plant. The pups gain nutrients from the mother plant. Then you can remove it by gently pulling it away from the parent plant. Remember not to remove pups away too early. Slicing as far down the pup stem is also possible to remove them. 

To Sum Up

An air plant is ideal for your home. It does not need much care. Even you don’t want to water the plant daily. But you need to be careful about the temperature, humidity, and light. Try to keep the air plant at the best place to help its growth.

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