Aurora Store APK 4.3.5 Free Download | Latest Version [5.98MB]

Aurora Store is an open-source client app (APK) of the Google Play Store. The main purpose of the aurora play store is to allow users to search, download and update android apps and games that run on android devices. The android version of the device should be 5.0 and upwards. The importance of this Aurora Store Apk is, it doesn’t require MicroG, GApps, or any other type of google service.

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 How to Download and Install Aurora Store APK?

Aurora Store Apk 4.3.5 Download [5.98MB]

APK NameAurora Store
Latest Versionv4.3.2
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

You can easily download Aurora Store Apk by using the download links provided by us. Here you have to be alerted about the downloading process. Because in this downloading process you have to allow downloading from, “Unknown sources”. You can explore that option from the settings of your device. After that, your installation will succeed.

  1. First, use the Aurora Store Apk Download Button and get the file to your Android device.
  2. After that Allow Unknown Sources in your Android settings to continue the third-party installations.unknown sources
  3. Then go to the downloads folder and open the downloaded Apk file you before.aurora store download
  4. Next, tap on install and wait for the installation to finish.aurora store app
  5. After that tap on the Open button to launch the app.

What is Aurora Store APK?

Like as told above this is an open-source client. Also, the Aurora Store Apk doesn’t require Google’s proprietary framework to operate. There are many services for clients provided by the Aurora community. It is allowing its users to do many services about the apps. It provides services like Searching, downloading, and updating apps. If you start to use this store application you will realize the use of these kinds of applications.

aurora store apk

When you use the Aurora store, before installing some specific app you can know more details about the app. Here you can observe user reviews that are provided by users. By reading those things you can conclude that this app is beneficial or not. Also, you can view the size of the app. Information about the app that you are going to download is available here. To experience the latest features you have to get the latest version of the Aurora store Apk. This is a very beneficial store. This is the best alternative for the community of those who cannot use the google play store on their devices. Also if you want to know more details about the apps, what you have to do is start using this application and realize what the differences you can feel are. Add some more knowledge to your knowledge library. 

More About App

Aurora Store Apk is also known as the Yalp store fork. Yalp store fork is also similar to the google play store. That is also allowing users to download apps for free. So this app and Yalp store are showing the same features. The only diverse feature is this, the app allows its users to download any APK without a google play account. So if you don’t have an account, there is no big issue. Because now you have an Aurora store Apk.

When you compare the google play store and this Aurora store Apk, you won’t see any difference between each of them. Because each of them contains similar information. While you are using this app you can search for screenshots, comments, and updates and the user is capable of downloading the applications with just one tap. Also if you want to know about the older versions of the apps, you can search for them with the version code. These are some important features of the Aurora store Apk. We will learn more from the following description.

Features of Aurora Store APK

Then let’s have a look at the features that we could see within the Aurora store Apk. Let’s have a look at the features included here in this app.

  • This is a type of utility application. A utility app is an application that is required to maintain the processes correctly.
  • This is an alternate application to the google play store. That is having an elegant design.
  • The main purpose of this Aurora store Apk is to download apps and update the existing apps on your device. Other than that the store can be used to search apps, get more details about in-app trackers, and spoof your location.
  • There are advantages as well as disadvantages contained in this app.
  • Make sure that you are installing the latest version to experience more new features.
  • This is free software. It has a GPLv3 license.
  • It is with a new material design that makes uses appeal for the design.
  • Users are free to use anonymous accounts. Therefore users don’t require their original accounts to log in and use the applications contained in the Aurora store Apk
  • You can use your personal accounts too. You can access the apps and purchase them by using some apps. Also, you can access a wish list.
  • Exodus integration. By using this feature the users can see instant trackers and hiding code.

You can observe some more features of the Aurora store Apk from the below advantages part as well. 

Pros and Cons

  • This is an advertisement-free application. So that you can continue your process without disturbance.
  • No tracking taking place.
  • Privacy is best here because the store has made 100% privacy-focused.
  • Users can surf something anonymously when they want privacy.
  • Here you don’t require to download the latest version of the application. If you find important features on older versions, then you are free to get that older version.
  • The Aurora store Apk is working as a download manager.
  • It is providing its users with some advanced searching options. By using these options they can explore many things very easily.
  • Here you can get auto-updates. So you can stay updated without any effort.
  • This is a huge marketplace where you can easily access anything that you want.
  • This is even a well-known app store similar to other vast app stores.
  • The users can easily download apps that they want with or without a google account.
  • Having a beautiful design that makes people appealing to use this app.
  • Super-fast speed manages the time of the users very efficiently.
  • Users of the Aurora store Apk say that this is the best alternative to the google play store.

Those facts I have listed above are advantages of the Aurora store Apk. Then you can see the disadvantages of the Aurora store app.

  • Aurora Store Apk is an unofficial store.
  • It is not working well with devices.
  • Even though this is easy to use, sometimes it is risky because this is not an official store.

When you look at these facts simply you will realize that there are more advantages than disadvantages. So now you can decide that the Aurora store is a more advantageous app store. So start using it today. You would be able to discover more features of it.

How to Use Aurora Store APK

  • Install Aurora store Apk by using the download links.
  • Then open the installed store.
  • You can see the interface of the app.
  • Then you will get a new window to accept the terms and conditions of the app.
  • You can see there are more options in the store. Simply you can check these options by swapping.
  • Also, you have to allow app downloads from unknown resources by using the app.
  • Then the user has to select what account that he is going to proceed with. In this step, you can select a google account or an anonymous account.
  • After selecting which account you are proceeding to, you will enter Aurora Store Apk.
  • In there you will see three sections for you, top charts, and categories. This is similar to the google play store.
  • In the “for you” part you will get recommended apps for you. These apps are recommended for you based on your preference and according to the apps that you have previously installed on your device.
  • In the portion of the top chart, you will get the latest and most used applications.
  • Then the categories part you can observe what the available categories in the store are. For instance photo editing apps, gaming, movies, etc.
  • Users can easily find all the apps that are having updates in one place. By there the user can update all the apps at once as well as can update them separately.
  • You can explore settings like blacklist manager, spoof manager, accounts, and settings in the store app. by using those things you can adjust settings and shift accounts successfully. Users can view all downloads in one place.
  • After selecting an app, you can view details in the app. Apart from that the app can be sent to blacklist and can uninstall easily.

Safety and legality

Most of the time a question asked by an expected user of the Aurora store Apk is, is this safe for using? Now we can answer your question.

Is this aurora store app safe to use?

Yes, it is totally safe to use. There won’t be any harm caused to your device by installing any application contained in the store. You can trust this Aurora store Apk as the other stores like the google play store. This is a 100% safe store to use.

Is this Aurora store app legally allowed to use it?

You know that this is an unofficial store. Therefore some of you have a doubt that the Aurora store Apk is legally allowed to use. It is legally allowed to be used. Still, there isn’t any restriction for the usage of this app. People all over the world are having access to this app. So guess the problem is solved.


Q: What is the Aurora store Apk?

A: That is an app store. We can consider that as an alternative to other app stores like google play store. By using this app you are free to download any app in any category. In here there is not any kind of restrictions.

Q: How can I access the Aurora store Apk?

A: It is very easy. Just you need to download the store to your device. Then select the account to which you like to login in. Follow the previously mentioned steps to work successfully with the Aurora store app.

Q: Does the Aurora store Apk steal personal details?

A: Actually very minor chance for that. Because users can select an anonymous account instead of the google account. Also in the Aurora store Apk, there are no trackers contained. So there is a very low chance of stealing your personal data.

Q: Can I install the Aurora store App on my android TV?

A: Yes, certainly you can install this app on your Android TV.

Q: Are there any advertisements contained in the Aurora store Apk?

A: No, there aren’t any advertisements contained in the app. Therefore users are free to use the Aurora store Apk without disturbance.

Q: How do I update an existing app on my device?

A: In the store, there is a tab called, “Update”. Tap on that tab. Then you will see the list of all apps that have updates available. Select what app you would like to update and update that.

Q: Is there any different way of installing and uninstalling apps in the Aurora store Apk?

A: No. If you have previously used other app stores like google play store, there isn’t anything that is newly introduced in this app. Just you have to enter the play store. Select which app you want to download. Then tap on the install to get the app.

Q: Is it compulsory to use a google account for sign-in?

A: No, that is not compulsory. When you are signing into this store, you will get two options. Users have to choose a google account or an anonymous account. You can use one of them for signing in.

Final words

Now we have reached the end of the description of the Aurora store Apk. Like previously mentioned this is an unofficial store. But this is providing more useful things for the users. I think now you have the essential knowledge to start using this application. Start using this app and discover more features of it from today onwards.

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