Aurora Store APK v4.1.1 Download For Android | Latest Version

Aurora Store Apk is an app store that is very similar to the google play store. Sometimes it is an alternative to these official app stores. These are best because of their special features. The main purpose of the Android Store is to provide space to download apps, see descriptions and also explore the ideas by the user.

aurora store apk

Aurora Store Apk for Android

The Aurora store Apk contains all the things contained in the google play store. Actually, there is no difference between each of them. This is an alternate store that can be used for the people that don’t have access to the google play store. Even if you don’t have a Google account, you are free to use this play store by using an anonymous account. This store is available for android devices.

How to Download and Install Aurora Store?

It is easy to download and install the Aurora store Apk for your device. Before downloading the app you have to allow downloading from “unknown sources”. You can use the following download link to get the app for your android device.


  • An alternative application for google play store.
  • The main purpose of the app store is downloading, updating, and finding information about the applications.
  • It has a beautiful and attractive design.
  • This is a free application and also it is an unofficial store.
  • Users can use google accounts as well as anonymous accounts to log in with this Aurora store apk.
  • There are advantages as well as disadvantages contained here.
  • The users are able to explore instant trackers and the hiding codes contained in the apps.
  • This is ad-free software. Therefore the users have the capability of using the app without any disturbance.
  • Privacy is 100% protected. No place for trackers.
  • You need not get the latest version. You can get back to the older versions.
  • It is very fast. That is making it easier to manage time.


These are some features contained in the Aurora store Apk. While using this app you are capable of discovering more features. 

How to Use Aurora Store APK?

  • Install and open the app.
  • Users have to choose whether they are using a Google account or an anonymous account.
  • The users can discover the recommended apps, suggested apps, and previously installed apps there.
  • Users can install, uninstall and view details about the apps.

Safety and Legality

Many people are questioning the safety and the legality of the Aurora store because this is an unofficial app. The safety and legality are trusted 100%. There are no kinds of treats in here. Also this is legally allowed to be used. No any kind of legal restrictions.


Q: How can I update an existing app?

A: After entering the app you will see an option called update. On tapping that place, you can see the apps with available updates. From there you can update the apps separately or once.

Q: Is Aurora Store Apk free to use?

A: Yes this is totally free to use.

Final Words

Aurora store Apk is a very beneficial app store for many people worldwide. If you haven’t tried it earlier, now is your attempt to try it.

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